Wisla Wrap
Wisla Wrap
Wisla Wrap

Wisla Wrap

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The Wisla Wrap Bracelet is a two-toned beaded wrap bracelet featuring hand-rolled paper beads of various sizes which makes each piece unique!

Available in Ivory+Slate to bring out your calm, neutral loving side, or Navy+Slate to display your ability to pop on a punch of color! Both colors are best worn with their sister earrings, the Sonia Beaded Hoop Earrings or the Cici Single Drop Bead Hoop Earring.  

  • Hand rolled paper beads 
  • Lightweight and super versatile 
  • Handcrafted paper beads made by Haitian artisan Jabenz and his team
  • Assembled by GOH Jewelry Artisans 
  • Ethically made 
  • Handmade in Haiti 

We are so excited about this new line, not only because of its beauty, but also because of each piece’s namesake.  When it came time to name these pieces, we felt compelled to increase their power by naming them after some of our favorite women who care for orphaned and abandoned children day in and day out.  Gift of Hope’s sister program, Hope House, is an infant rescue mission that cares for abandoned children and true orphans. Our existence as a brand originally stemmed from the need to employ mothers of children who were receiving life saving nutrition support at Hope House.  Since then, we have been able to offer employment and/or microloans to mothers in poverty to help keep their children in their arms and out of orphanages. However the need for true orphan care still exists. We don’t get to meet every mother in need, and sometimes the choice to abandon a child in the street, in the hospital, or at a police station has already been made by the time the child makes it into the care of Hope House.  The nannies at Hope House become these children’s new lifeline until an adoption or permanent placement can be finalized. Day after day we have the privilege of watching these women pour nurturing love, comfort, and compassion into the lives of these vulnerable, innocent children. We wanted to honor some of them through the names of this powerful paper bead jewelry line. Thank you Wisla, Sonia, Cici, and so many more who love and care for the children who come through the doors of Hope House.